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Yam salmon/€14.80

Fresh diced salmon with lime, cilantro, chili, shallot and cherry tomato.

Yam Kai Seb/€12.80

Fried chicken “salad” with panko, lime, cilantro, mint, chili, cherry tomato, shallot and toasted rice.

Pad thai Kung/ €13.00

Rice noodles, sautéed with peanuts, egg, lime, soy, tofu and prawns.

Pad pak ruam kung / €13.00

Sautéed vegetables, just right, with prawns.

Kung pad curry/€17.00

Prawns and squid, sautéed with chilli paste and egg.

Khao soy kai/€15.00

Yellow curry stew with chicken, coconut milk, shallot, cilantro, lime and crispy noodles. Instead of rice, this stew comes with noodles inside.

Keng Massaman Kai / €14.70

Thai stew, with chicken, spice and chilli base, coconut milk, cinnamon, star anise, potato and fried onion.


Yam Kai Seb / €11.20

Fried chicken “salad” with panko, lime, coriander, mint, chili, cherry tomato, schallot and toasted rice.

Kiao thod / €8.00

Fried wontons stuffed with chicken served with sweet chili sauce.

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Pho phia thod / €8.00

Rice pasta rolls, stuffed with soy bean noodles, previously sautéed with vegetables.

Kai saté / €8.70

Grilled chicken skewers macerated with spices and coconut milk, served with peanut sauce.

Yam salmon / €13.50

Diced fresh salmon with lime, coriander, chili, schallot and cherry tomato.

Kung chub/ 10€ (4uds)

Fried prawns with panko ans sweet chili sauce.

Pak chop/€8.00  

                                   Fried battered vegetables with sweet chili and peanut sauces

Laarb nua   /21€

Carne cruda de ternera picada, con cilantro, chili y mezcla de especias receta del norte de Tailandia. 

Pad joy/ 18€

Claims stir fried with "prik pao" and basil.

Remember: You can ask the waiter anything in case of doubt. Everything is done on the spot. (in case you don't like some  ingrediente).

  stir fry / wokS

Pad thai  

Rice noodles, sautéed with peanuts, egg, lime, soybeans, tofu and:

Chicken (kai): €12.00

Prawns (kung): €13.00

Iberian pork (muu): €13.50

Woonsen pad phong karee pooh neem tod  18€

Fideos de soja salteados con pasta de chili fermentada, verduras y huevo coronados con cangrejos de caparazon blando fritos.

Bami pad kaprow

Fideos de trigo salteados con albahaca, chili y verduras con:

Pollo (kai): 13,00€

Langostinos (kung): 14,00€

Cerdo ibérico (múu): 15,00€

Solomillo de ternera (nua): 17,50€

Khao pad 

Thai style fried rice with:

Iberian pork (muu): €13.50

Prawns and squid (talé): €12.00

Pad pak ruam

Sauteed vegetables, al dente, with:

Iberian pork (muu): €13.50

Prawns (kung): €13.00

Kai pad med mamuang / €11.20

Sautéed chicken with cashews and sweet peppers al dente.

Pad krapow 

Sauteed vegetables with basil, chili and accompanied by: 

Iberian pork (muu): €15.00

Dry age beef (nua): €17.00

Seafood (talé): €17.00

Talé pad phong karii / €13.00

Prawns and squid, sautéed with chilli paste and egg.

Talé pad phik phao / €14.90

Clams, squid and prawns sauteed with chili paste in soybean oil.

Stews / Curries


Khao soy kai / €15.00

Yellow curry stew with chicken, coconut milk, schallot, coriander, lime and crispy noodles. This stew instead of rice comes with noodles inside.

Keng Massaman Kai / €13.70

Thai stew, with chicken, spice base and chilli pepper, coconut milk, cinnamon, star anise, potato and fried onion.

Keng Paneng

Thai stew, based on red chili, spices, with coconut milk, flavored with kaffir lime leaf and served with:

Chicken (kai): €13.70

Iberian pork (muu): €15.00

 Mediterranean prawns  (kung): €14.00

Beef high (nua): €16.70

Keng kiao uaan 

Thai stew, based on green chili and spices, with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergine accompanied by:

Chicken (kai): €14.40

Beef tenderloin (nua): €16.80

 Mediterranean prawns  (kung): 14.90


We have two types of traditional soup

Tom kha kai / €12.00

Coconut milk soup with lime, coriander, citronella, galangal, tomato, shallot, mushrooms, chicken and kaffir lime leaf with chicken.

Tom yum talé / €17

Sour seafood soup with coriander, tomatoe, schallot, galangal, fermented chili paste, lime, clams, squid, prawns, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaf.


Accompany your dish with thai jasmine rice, noodles or sautéed garlic rice.

Thai jasmine rice / €2.80

Thai jasmine rice, perfect for dishes with sauce or stews.

Sautéed rice with garlic / €4.50

Thai jasmine rice sautéed with egg and garlic.

Noodles / €3.50

Stir-fried rice pasta noodles.


for the little ones

Little ones can also enjoy the food...

Breaded chicken with panko and chips / €10.00

Fried chicken with "panko", accompanied by french fries and ketchup.

Kai satay with Thai jasmine rice / €10.00

Chicken skewers bathed in satay sauce and accompanied by Thai jasmine rice.


Finish with a delicious dessert

Poh phia kor kwuai / €6.00

Rice pasta roll stuffed with banana and chocolate, covered in condensed milk.

Katy sod / €5.00

Frozen coconut milk soup, infused with bai toey leaves accompanied with melon pieces and crushed ice.

Cup of ice cream / €6.00

Flavor ice cream cup: coconut milk, banana and chocolate, pineapple, mango, peanut, matcha green tea and passion fruit.

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